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Butt Lift

Non-surgical BRAZILIAN butt lift

At FaceLine Aesthetics, Dr. Rafi uses a combination of different non-surgical or minimally invasive aesthetic techniques and products to elevate and shape the buttocks. Sculptra Aesthetic rejuvenates the overlying skin thanks to its collagen stimulation properties.  Adding Platelets-Rich-Plasma (PRP) to Sculptra Aesthetic will further enhance the skin tone & texture through its regenerative properties making your body look young and healthy. The barbed PDO threads by NovaThreads or Mint PDO help to elevate and shape the butt by pulling and approximating soft tissues of the sagging skin to a desired position. Smooth PDO threads will also help cellulite at the same time. 

Brazilian Butt Lift is highly sought-after procedure in North America. Among the surgical procedures, the fat transfer to the buttocks with or without butt implants is very common. The problem is that some people do not want to go under the knife for implants, while others do not have the enough fat to move from the body to the desired region. More and more people are looking for minimally-invasive procedures associated with minimal downtime and surgical risks. 


Minimally invasive Brazilian Butt Lift is achieved through combination of different non-surgical or minimally invasive techniques and aesthetic products to elevate and shape the buttocks.