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Acne & Acne Scars Therapy

acne, pimple AND blackheads treatment

FaceLine Aesthetics offer multiple modalities of treatment for acne. After initial consultation with Dr. Rafi or one of our Lincesed Aestheticians, a customized plan is made for each client that is unique based on her/his medical history, examination, and response to previous treatments.  Acne can be not just embarrassing and distracting, it can also cause discomfort and pain in the skin. However, mild to moderate acne can be dramatically improved, thanks to the careful balance of proven acne-fighting treaetment options offered in our medical spa.

1- Refine & Clear Facial Protocol by dmSkincare:  Safe for all skin types, mandelic acid has anti-bacterial properties to effectively manage breakouts. The Refine & Clear protocol will increase cell turnover, promote the release of comedones and reduce sebum production creating a brighter, smoother complexion without irritation. 

2- Salicylic Acid Peel:  Salicylic acid is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and can help chemically exfoliate the dead skin at the very top of the epidermis, revealing fresh new skin and preventing pores from clogging and becoming blackheads. 

3- Jessner Peel:  The Jessner Peel is generally considered a medium level peel containing 14% of each acid (Salicylic, Lactic, and Resorcinol.)  It is suitable for most skin types particularly normal to oily, acneic skin.  Jessner Improves skin tone, texture and clarity by reducting acne & clogged pores.

 4- Glycolic acid Peel: Glycolic Acid, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)  combat common skin issues such as adult acne (non-oily skin), clogged pores and blackheads, slowing skin metabolism, and dull or uneven complexions.

5- NeoClear Acne Laser Treatment: NeoClear by Aerolase offers patients of all ages and skin types a new safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for acne using advanced 650-microsecond technology. NeoClear is a powerful acne treatment that eliminates the major factors causing acne including excess sebum production, inflammation, and the p. acnes bacteria. NeoClear is an excellent option for patients that do not want to take prescription medications or are unable to. Plus, with increasing prescription costs, NeoClear is an excellent, cost-effective solution for patients’ acne problems. 

6- Blue Light Therapiy:  Phototherapy  with blue light is most commonly used to address acne breakouts. Its wavelength has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can collect in your pores and oil glands and cause breakouts. Blue light therapy also helps condition your skin, getting rid of free radicals that oxidize and age your face. The treatment also has anti-inflammatory benefits, which decreases other symptoms of acne, such as redness.

7- Red Light Therapy: Phototherapy with blue light promotes healing and may work to decrease the visibility of acne scarring. It also has anti-inflammatory capabilities. It also works deep below the surface of your skin to help soothe and repair tissue. If your acne is caused by a chronic skin condition, red light therapy might be the choice for you. Phototherapy red or blue rarely involves a single treatment. Several rounds of phototherapy, typically two to three treatments per week, over the course of four to six weeks, is usually recommended to start. 

 8- Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ System:  A complete acne treatment for home use specifically formulated for normal to oily skin that helps treat acne at its source. Intended for normal to oily skin, this complete regimen helps to banish blemishes, blackheads and enlarged pores every step of the way, leaving you with a clear, fresh complexion. Its gentle yet effective ingredients make it perfect for teens and adults alike. 


The best treatments inhibit sebum production, limit bacterial growth, or encourage shedding of skin cells to unclog pores. 

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Signature steam and extraction facial

We specialize in the use of extraction facials to help clear acne and congested skin prone to breakouts. At FaceLine Aesthetics, we believe that mild or severe acne can be treated with regular extraction facials and a good daily skincare routine to maintain healthy skin function. 

During a facial with extractions,  our skincare specialist will clean, gently exfoliate and steam your skin together with an enzymatic mask for a few minutes to open up your pores. The specialist will then manually clean out your clogged pores and remove comedones (pimples, whiteheads and blackheads). If necessary, the assistance of a fine needle will be utilized to open up the pore. Extractions are sometimes combined with AHA or BHA Peel application to achieve an even better result.


Our Signature Deep Clean Extraction Facial involves manually cleaning out your clogged pores and remove comedones (pimples, whiteheads and blackheads).

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acne scars TREATMENTS

Some acne scars are permanent and some go away over time. Some scars will respond to aggressive treatment. There are several types of lasers, and chemical peels available that can remove the scarred surface and expose unblemished skin layers.  Bellafill is the only long-term filler that’s FDA approved to treat distensible acne scars for up to one year.  At FaceLine Aesthetics, we use the following:

  • Microneedling to stimulate collagen and lessen the appearance of scars.

  • PRP Facial is microneedling with platelet Rich Plasma. It is an exciting new method using your own blood to correct pitted acne scars on the skin.  

  • Subcision where a needle is used under the scars to break them up.

  • Dermal Fillers are injections under the scars to lift them up to the surrounding skin surface.

  • Bellafill® is the only long-term filler that’s FDA approved to treat distensible acne scars for up to one year. It fades acne scars by adding volume to them, bringing them to the level of the surrounding skin and keeping them there long-term. In just one office visit, you can safely treat your acne scars and leave feeling confident that you’ll look your best long-term. 

  •  LightPod 1064nm lasers are used to remove vascularity and other pigmentation from existing scars to make them less noticeable.  

  • Smooth PDO Threads: Polydioxanone (PDO) threads when introduced into the deeper layers of the skin produce cellular renewal, through collagen stimulation, and neovascularization.  PDO threads not only improves skin texture, fine lines and elasticity, but also improves the appearance of acne scars.


Bellafill is the only long-term filler that’s FDA approved to treat distensible acne scars for up to one year. 


Laser Acne Treatment with LightPod Neo