Dr. Rafi is proud to feature Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy as a core part of his practice. As we get older, we begin to feel less like ourselves. Energy levels decrease, our passion and desire may fade, our ability to focus can begin to cloud, our moods and emotions can sometimes feel as if they are set to “random” mode beyond our control, and some may begin to lose their ability to regulate their temperature, sending them into hot or cold flashes. Dr. Rafi doesn’t believe you should have to suffer with these symptoms if you don’t want to. That is why he offers Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy.

You may think this sort of therapy is only for women, but that’s not true! While it is true that hormone replacement can reduce (and in some cases eliminate) the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, it is also equally useful for men. The hormones used are not the same, but the effects can be just as pronounced. Men and women can both see increased mental clarity, increased sexual desire and ability to perform, mood stability, and an overall sense of well-being.

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